Literary and drama activities

These activities are designed to enhance literacy skills, like speaking, reading, writing, theatre, etc. The focus is on enhancing self-awareness, social-awareness, self-esteem through activities like extempore, debates, elocution, MUN, and student-led conferences.

Sports and games

Physical Education curriculum at the School provides a programme of instruction for the development of the whole individual through physical activities. This is done by emphasizing the relationship between the physical, intellectual and emotional well-being of the students. By engaging in sports, students learn leadership, self-management, integrity, responsibility, collaboration and communication skills.

Environment and Outdoor education

Outdoor Education (OE) is the use of outdoor journeys for life-long play, enjoyment, adventure, health & well-being, fitness and socialization. Outdoor education skills are a tool to facilitate exploration of natural environments. From exploratory walks to the investigation of the environment. OE aims to develop decision making, relationship building, grit, critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Technology education

In today’s technology driven world, Information Technology is all pervasive. Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Internet of Things are redefining and re-inventing all spheres of human endeavour. It is critical that our students are adept at all forms of technology-enabled platforms. This includes STREAM Lab activities, Coding, Design Thinking, etc. to enhance creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and innovation skills.